Company Background

Sheba Technologies Limited (STL) is part of the Sheba Group conglomerate which has been in Tech business for almost quarter of a century. We are always keen on listening to our customers and are constantly learning from their experiences while rendering Telecom and IT services. This has made us recognize the importance of evolving into the new ‘normal’ which is ‘Data is everything’. With this aspiration, STL is fully committed to bring world class technologically advanced Business Process Automation by delivering architecturally superior Software solution, Off-the-Shelf customizable Software, Digital Identity platform for Citizens, Smart City initiatives, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to our esteemed clients who are also our long-term strategic partners.

Core Competencies

We offer full spectrum of services to help organizations function more effectively. Some of our services are highlighted below:

Our Expertise

We are a team of experts, coming together from diverse background and skill sets, details of which are shown below:

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