Guardian Life Insurance Customer Onboarding Solution

Electronically Know Your Customers (EKYC) is a process by which the financial institutions and NBFIs screen their customers during onboarding. STL has developed a state-of-the-art mobile and web-based customer self-onboarding application for Guardian Life Insurance Limited (GLIL) which uses facial recognition and verification technology to onboard customers.


Our Solution

The mobile version is designed to run on both Android and IOS platforms. Customers can use the web version as well for self-onboarding.


Self Onboarding Features

Customers can seamlessly onboard themselves anytime by scanning their NID through the application, taking a picture and inputting their signatures.

Mobile & Web Application Features

  1. Facial Verification With Live Customer Image with NID Image
  2. Data Fetch from Election Commission (EC) Web Portal for Face Matching
  3. Face verification platform for Face Matching Server
  4. NID Image Capture (both smart & legacy cards)
  5. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  6. Digital Customer Onboarding
  7. Nominee Information Capture
  8. Digital Record Keeping
  9. Digital Signature Capture / Upload
  10. SMS & E-Mail Integration