BikroySheba Restaurant Point Of Sale - POS

BikroySheba, the point of sale software (PoS) every retailers and restaurant managers love to use. Simple and elegant, the solution is compatible for both cloud and locally hosted network infrastructure. Comprehensive back office management features with some exciting and unique functionalities allow the solution to stand out among many other renowned brands currently in the market.


Bikroy Sheba Restaurant POS Software

The solution offers both usual and innovative features more focused real-life management scenarios.


Bikroy Sheba POS Features

Fast Search, Easy Product Scan, Customizable Product Details, Multiple Customer Handling will allow you to sit back and manage your restaurant. Additionally, view real-time analytics in the Back Office Management dashboard for enhanced management.

Highlighted Features

  1. Inventory Management
  2. Central Warehouse Management
  3. Purchase Management
  4. Sales Management
  5. Kitchen Management

Application Features

  1. Kitchen Order Tracking
  2. Dynamic Restaurant Menu
  3. Product Prepare Cost
  4. Effective Inventory Management
  5. Handles Concurrent Sales
  6. Promotional Flash Note