Sheikh Russel Digital Lab (SRDL)

With the' aim to digitalize the nation through Vision-2021, the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh (GoB) has been undertaken a project called Establishment of Computer and Language Training Lab in Educational lnstitutions all over the Country Project (i.e Sheikh Russell Digital Lab) supervised by the Department of ICT (DolCT) to implement computer labs with language learning at educational institutions countrywide.


Our Solution

Development of a Lab Monitoring Management System (LMMS) which is deployed for all the educational institutions, its local administrative authorities, project management, ministerial management, etc. LMMS Dashboard is used by the administrative and project management to view lab schedules, overwrite schedules, message instructions, user management, and search or filter to view reporting as per pre-defined templates.



  1. Lab management system;
  2. Agent software development;
  3. Lab asset management;
  4. Event management system;
  5. Course management system;
  6. Booking management system;
  7. Activity monitoring management system;
  8. Activity monitoring dashboard;
  9. Notification management;
  10. Report generation;
  11. Public web portal
  12. Admin user roles, messaging options, report viewing and more.