Sheba Relief Management System

The Relief Management System developed by SLT is a complete relief management solution that can seamlessly track the entire journey of the relief from donor to the recipient. The system maintains effectiveness and transparency in large/small scale relief distribution programs allowing traceability of the relief right down to the correct intended recipient.


Our Solution

The mobile version is designed considering the ergonomics of relief field workers enabling them to input/receive data even in remotest regions while the backend features a monitoring dashboard featuring rich informative data visuals.



Database buildup for Affected Citizens (Relief Seeker), Systematic relief distribution through ID verification, Ensure best practices for equal distribution, Prevent duplication, pilferage, mis-management of relief & Predictive data analytics to identify most affected areas and communities.

Mobile Application Features

  1. Monitoring & Evaluation
  2. Proof of Delivery
  3. Voucher Validation for Provisions
  4. Data Collection
  5. Question Bank
  6. Historical Data
  7. Facial Recognition
  8. Beneficiary Tagging
  9. Beneficiary Registration
  10. High Security

Web Application

  1. Voucher Generation
  2. Cash Distribution Tracking
  3. Data Migration
  4. Approved Pathway Settings
  5. Monitoring & Evaluation
  6. Analytics Dashboard
  7. Data Collection
  8. Question Library
  9. Version / Control Tracking
  10. User Management
  11. Administrative Settings
  12. User Registration
  13. High Security